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Welcome to the Community Resource Network (CRN)!

The Community Resource Network of Houston County, GA Inc. (CRN) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization designed to raise awareness, provide resources, educate, organize, and strengthen the communities within the Houston County Georgia area. 

Our main goal is to connect the community to the resources needed to maintain a safe, healthy and productive life. You will find that Houston County provides a wealth of resources to assist in any situation you may be experiencing. 

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Our Vision 

To establish a network of partnerships between individuals, organizations, business’  and service providers in an effort to provide vital services, programs, and resources to the Houston County community.

Our Mission

To be a hub that provides resources to the citizens of the Houston County area with the purpose of helping them to move forward and progress within their careers, families, and lives.

Our Programs

Focus on developing a whole-community approach by raising social, physical, and economic awareness in an effort to strengthen families and the community at large. 


Established July 2022, CRN has been dedicated to serving all of the Houston County GA area by organizing community events to include Pop Up Shop, Start in the Park Community Clean Ups and Juneteenth Festivities.

Community Spotlight

Houston County Schools is growing. Here are the plans that are in the works.

This summer, the district renovated three schools. This year they opened a new elementary school, and they have a primary school on the way.

Continued growth is the theme of the year for Houston County Schools. They're the 12th largest district in the state, and the largest in Central Georgia.

On Thursday, business leaders met with educators to talk about supporting and keeping up with the growth at the monthly "Eggs and Issues" event.

Sounds of construction ring throughout Houston County, with new homes going up and new schools. Matt Arthur Elementary is in the middle of the growth.

"I've been here since 2000, and in my first few years, our enrollment -- we got up to 850 and then they opened Hilltop Elementary,"  Principal VaRee Harrell said. 

Principal Harrell says that pattern continued every few years. She's watched two other schools pop up after that. This year, Langston Road Elementary opened.

"It's like if you have a family, and you have more children, and you need more bedrooms, so my families growing and we need more space to get the job done," she said.

Now, the school is back up to nearly 900 students, making it the largest elementary school in the district, and they need more space again.

Harrell says it doesn't impact students' daily learning but it can affect logistics like getting everyone to lunch.

"The lunchroom ladies can only work a certain amount of hours, and just logistically art, music, P.E. can do sometimes be a challenge getting everyone through," she adds.

That's why next August, kindergarten through second-grade students will transition out of the castle and into Matt Arthur Primary School. The district says they're constantly preparing for growth. 

"We always want a safe clean learning environment for our students," Superintendent Mark Scott said.

He says this summer three schools got renovations including, Miller, Parkwood and Shirley Hills Elementary Schools.

"New ceiling tile, all new lighting, we previously replaced the HVAC system in all those schools, so that includes every classroom," says Scott. 

He says they look like all-new schools. 

Scott says it's exciting for the community too as students partner with businesses for internships and prepare to join the workforce, an important part of attracting and keeping employers. 

"A strong public school system is integral to the success of business in Houston County, so we take that responsibility very seriously, and we're so very fortunate that loves and supports education," Scott said.

E-SPLOST helped fund all of these projects.

Superintendent Scott says the district is also working on plans for a new middle school in Perry.

They're also working on a joint government project for a new cultural arts facility, and this will also be funded through SPLOST funding.

Source: 13wmaz.com