About CRN

Community Resource Network of Houston County, GA Inc. (CRN) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization designed to raise awareness, provide resources, educate, organize, and strengthen the communities within the Houston County Georgia area. 

Passion is what drives us. A well-connected community is an empowered community. People within a connected community share unique perspectives and ideas that propel one another. CRN strives to create and provide a connected network of vital resources that are available to all who may need them.

The purpose of CRN is to develop a whole-community approach that assists individuals and families from birth through their senior years. We are here to provide a connected network of resources designed to develop youth, offer senior citizens and people with disabilities engaging opportunities, and strengthen families and the community.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and families and strengthen their ability to thrive. CRN’s services enrich the lives of people by providing education and resources needed to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Our Vision

To meet the immediate needs of the community and provide support in developing connections, skills, and resources that address education deficit, poverty, and mental/physical wellbeing.

Our Values

We value diversity and viewpoints from every perspective. We enjoy connecting people to the resources they need most. We have an insatiable appetite for developing and discovering new opportunities for collective growth.